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Get on board: discover the British language in an English speaking course

Good day to you all: current and future Fast Learning School’s students. Allow me to introduce myself. I am a student of Fast Learning School, I have attended the English summer courses in UK in Learn English through Drama, a brilliant methodology for improving your English skills and take your spoken English to the next level. Because I got passionate about this unique English speaking course, I became the assistant teacher in the English summer courses in UK 2017. Now I am looking forward to the next English speaking course by Fast Learning School and, in the meanwhile, I would love to keep in touch with all my ex course mates and the students who attended Learn English through Drama summer courses in London.

In writing this article, I am wondering who you are and where you are from. As far as I remember, I have always been very curious about people from foreign countries; their preferences and their way of thinking. That means, I am also curious about you and the country where you are living now. I love talking about the differences and similarities between us as the nations and also share and learn the facts about the places where we live.

Because of my passion for meeting people from foreign countries I used to be a traveller.

I changed the countries where I lived more often than people generally do ;).

Now I’m living in London and starting to see many positive things about the British people and their culture. I also study English and discover more and more fascinating aspects in this process.

I would love to share all of that with you and involve you- as my reader- in this fascinating journey.

I can’t see you while I’m writing this article, but- as you are still reading my words- it means that we are starting this journey together. Let’s get on board, then.

The journey is about learning the English idioms, phrasal verbs and also about some interesting facts about British people and their culture.

I will be sharing with you some useful English idioms or just my experience about life in England. In some of the articles I will also share my passion of Fast Learning School and make you more familiar with this unique place.

I hope it will help you to understand the new way of studying English which is really effective and- what is even more important- very enjoyable 😉

See you soon 🙂

6th September 2020
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