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Get qualified for teaching foreign languages through drama

How to get your students to speak and engaged

Take the leap from being ‘a good tutor’ to becoming an inspiring, go-to expert in creating engaging, genuinely innovative and results-proven language programmes.

Get qualified for teaching foreign languages through drama.


Infuse in your students the passion for learning languages.
Promote meaningful, breakthrough learning that really helps your students to open up to a world of opportunities.


Because language learning should be an enjoyable and successful experience for all your students.

teaching foreign languages

Get your students
to spontaneously speak

and to actively engage with your language lessons.

teaching foreign languages

Plan results-proven courses
based on drama

without feeling overwhelmed by course planning.

teaching foreign languages

Unleash your creativity and your true potential with confidence

as a professional Language Course Creator.

teaching foreign languages

Solid foundations and Innovation in teaching foreign languages

Become a LingoDrama Teacher:

How to become a LingoDrama Teacher

Get qualified for teaching foreign languages today

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What language students say about LingoDrama language courses:

‘I’ve been studying with this method for three days and I am no longer afraid of speaking to people I meet in everyday situations. I began to enjoy speaking English just for practising it, just for fun!’ – Agnieszka 

‘I had a great time in the course: the group was fantastic, the teacher is the best I ever had, the methodology is unique and it works perfectly.’ – Shahira

How can I help you?

You are in the right place if you love teaching foreign languages and you:

Intensive English Speaking Courses for Beginner LevelYou feel like you are failing your students every time you see them insisting with grammar-based approaches. Instead, you would like to get your students to spontaneously speak, to get them actively engaged and take them to results.

You feel overwhelmed by course planning when it comes to put together all the exercises, resources and methods you know. Instead, you would like to follow a thorough roadmap for designing and planning any lessons, any courses.

You feel you are not enough every time your students don’t reach the expected results and object your method. Instead, you would like to be able to guarantee them the promised results.


  • Frustration because your students do not achieve the expected results
  • Lessons where your students don’t put spontaneously into use what you taught them
  • Confusion and overwhelm when it comes to course planning through drama.

Join LingoDrama Academy

LingoDrama Academy​: teaching foreign languages made easy and innovative

The Teacher Training programme that you’ve been waiting for:

teaching foreign languages​Set the foundations: consolidate your knowledge in language teaching.

Get your students engaged: learn how to trigger meaningful, engaging learning.

Plan and design your courses without stress and overwhelm.

Take your students to results: plan high-impact courses that guarantee results.



  • Course: LingoDrama Academy
  • Where: Online digital training course & 1:1 coaching 
  • When: Doors open again soon (see dates)
  • For whom: Language teachers

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How else can I help you?

English refresher courses for language teachers

teaching foreign languages

Finally, the perfect English language course for language teachers!

Boost your fluency and confidence in speaking authentic English.

Fine-tune your English skills through drama and creative writing.

Try the LingoDrama method on yourself.



  • Course: Learn English through Drama
  • Where: London (UK)
  • When: July, August 2023
  • For whom: For language teachers and adults, no acting experience required, shy people welcome!



Find out more about English refresher courses for language teachers

My promise to you

Do you know when you spend hours on planning language lessons packed with activities supposed to get your students to speak and engaged, but what you get in return is… crickets? I know how frustrating this can be. I have been there, too. And I felt like I was failing my students. Reluctant students’ faces staring at you in silence, that moment when they ask you to get back to the grammar analysis (instead of “wasting time”, they mean), every time students insist in translating or in focusing on the grammar instead of going with the flow of the spontaneous communication: all this is what I call crickets. Well, crickets have been my bitter enemy for a long time. Until I became… a crickets trainer! I mean, I learned how to plan and deliver language courses where students get spontaneous and creative in speaking, they interact without worrying about making mistakes, they make links and actively take the lead of their own skills development, they feel authentic when they speak a language and they feel free to express themselves.

Hi, I’m Daniela, I’m a Learning & Development expert and a certified suggestopedic language teacher. Today I help independent language teachers to create and deliver genuinely meaningful and results-proven language courses so that they can take the leap from being good tutors to becoming exceptional, go-to experts and innovators in language teaching because what language teachers want is to pass on the passion for language learning to their students.

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