Learn English through Drama

A powerful training format for learning and teaching English as a foreign language through drama methods

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Learn English through Drama: speak fresh, authentic English fluently and spontaneously

What is Learn English through Drama?

Learn English through Drama is the training format based upon drama and the suggestopedic principles for learning fresh, authentic English as a foreign language.

It is the result of years of experience in teaching languages and communication skills.

It puts together the most effective methods for teaching through drama, such as Process Drama and Strategic Interaction, for instance. Also, it is based upon the suggestopedic principles (though it is not a suggestopedic language course), which is what really sets this format apart from other theatre-based courses.

Learn English through DramaWhat Learn English through Drama aims at

The training format aims at:

  1. Expanding students’ vocabulary in order for them to absorb those words, verbs, idioms and expressions that make their English truly fresh, authentic and spontaneous
  2. Boosting students’ fluency, by helping them to become spontaneous, creative and reactive in conversations in any communicative situations
  3. Guaranteeing students feel confident in speaking English and at ease in the words they speak.

Who Learn English through Drama is designed for

The training format is designed for adults and teenagers with an intermediate level in English.

It is suitable for people who can speak English already and have been learning the English grammar, but feel they need to improve their fluency, consolidate their knowledge of the grammar and get their English closer to the language spoken by English native speakers.

NO ACTING EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED. This is a proper English language course, it doesn’t aim at training actors.

What students learn in Learn English through Drama

The course programme covers a number of contents the students explore, for instance:

  • The sounds of English: articulation, pronunciation, intonation
  • Phrasal verbs
  • Idioms
  • Use of verb tenses in dialogues and storytelling
  • Reading skills
  • Vocabulary
  • The communicative registers of spoken English
  • Reviewing and consolidating grammar structures
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The training programme aims at improving 4 key skills areas:

  1. VOCABULARY. During a Learn English through Drama course, the students invest the 40% of the time in learning and practicing new words and expressions, such as idioms and phrasal verbs that make their spoken English sound natural to an English native speaker.
  2. COMMUNICATIVE REGISTERS. Another consistent part of the time (25%) is dedicated to develop the students’ skills to switch the different communicative registers and use either formal or informal English according to the situations and the contexts. This part is about choosing the right words as well as using the body language properly.
  3. THE SOUNDS OF ENGLISH. The students practice articulation, pronunciation and intonation throughout the whole course as well as through specific exercises.
  4. GRAMMAR. The students brush up their knowledge of the grammar structures through both specific grammar games and plays or scripts. The course doesn’t give much space to the study of the grammar theory, though the drama activities give the chance to review the major grammar topics and to consolidate them.

What the students do during the lessons

During the lessons the students are involved in grammar games and drama exercises based both upon authentic materials (e.g.: newspapers, blog articles, videos, radio programmes) as well as drama scripts (specifically chosen and/or written for the training) and improvisation.

Here are some of the exercises we propose:

  • Grammar exercises and games
  • Reading exercises
  • Writing dialogues, stories and scripts
  • Memorising and playing scripts
  • Improvising dialogues and monologues
  • Group and individual exercises to improve students’ self-confidence in public speaking in English.

Who are the teachers?

The teachers are all English native speakers. They are both qualified teachers in English as a second language and experienced drama facilitators, as well.

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International Courses in London

Learn English through Drama intensive 2-week or 4-week courses in London for adults and students.

Intensive Courses for Groups

Learn English through Drama intensive 1-week courses for companies, CLIL teachers and schools.

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