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Kick back, relax and take an English speaking course

Hello, today I am here to welcome you again. Ready for learning a nice and useful expression that will make your English sound more natural and spontaneous? This is what we do in the English speaking course ‘Learn English through Drama’.

I am very happy to connect with you while I am writing my second post and imagining you while you are reading it. I am still wondering who you are and where are you from. Even if we do not know each other, I hope this will change very soon and we meet one day- either online or at school during the next English speaking course by Fast Learning School.

This blog is not the place just for me. This is the space where you can leave the comments or ask questions about people living in the UK or about the Fast Learning School courses.

English speaking course ‘Learn English through Drama’

As someone who has participated in all the Fast Learning School English summer courses in uk, I am able to share not only my passion for the Learn English through Drama courses, but also my experience as a student. In my next article I will make you more familiar with the method Learn English through Drama used during the lessons.

How about today?Let’s have a look at one of the first expressions that are an important part of the English speaking course in Learn English through Drama.

Which one? Well, because today I am not thinking about working or even studying English. I just want to… kick back and relax!

Kick back and relax!

Yes, “kick back and relax” is the perfect expression for this specific moment- especially for the weekend but also for any moment when you can enjoy your free time. I learnt this expression last year in the English speaking course Learn English through Drama and still enjoy using it.

It is about something that we all love – relaxing or being at leisure.

There are so many ways of kicking back and relaxing, I am sure that you could give me a number of examples. When the weather is not pleasant, some people just prepare a cup of tea, seat down and read their favourite book- that’s their way of kicking back and relaxing. Some people kick back and relax in the pub, some in the park or by meeting their friends.

How about me right now? I am looking through the window and… cannot stay at home any minute longer. The weather today is really great and… Yes! Lets finish writing and enjoy the sunshine – just kick back and relax! 😉

See you soon.

13th August 2020
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