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A community of Smart, Brilliant and Ambitious Dreamers ready to boost their learning skills and language skills

A small team of expert and super friendly teachers.

A young woman and a dream: to create a learning centre where women of all ages coming from all around the world can learn faster and better anything they need in order to become who they dream to be.

That young woman is me

Hi, I am Daniela. I founded Fast Learning School in 2014 when I moved to the UK. Before then, I have worked for years in Learning & Development as a freelance consultant and corporate trainer. I taught hundreds of students and professionals how to read 3 times faster, how to absorb and memorise what they need to learn, how to boost their creative thinking and how to shine in front of an audience thanks to their public speaking skills.

When I fell in love with Suggestopedia

Many years ago I fell in love with Suggestopedia and I got certified as a suggestopedic teacher (level I). Suggestopedia is one of the very few methodologies recommended by UNESCO as a most innovative and effective learning and teaching method.

Suggestopedia enables people to learn languages up to 6 times faster through games, drama, music and by having fun.

Dreaming about the international suggestopedic learning centre

When I moved to the UK I had a dream: to create an international suggestopedic learning centre, where women from all around the world can take training courses to discover and unleash the true potential in their learning skills and finally acquire the tools they need to become who they dream to be, to make an impact in the world.

Suggestopedia is a superior methodology for teaching and learning languages as well as any subjects. I wanted to create a school where all the training courses offered are based on Suggestopedia. And so I did.

Who I serve

I serve professionals, entrepreneurs as well as young people ready to start their professional career, who wish to achieve something big and, to do that, they need to learn loads of things quickly – very quickly! Well…

You know what you need to absorb,
I will teach you how to eat it up in no time and to retain it forever.

Reading 3 times faster, retaining (forever) the knowledge you need to have in your toolbox and delivering innovation is vital for any entrepreneurs, professionals (and professionals-to-be!) who want to make an impact.

Speaking English like a diva, fluently and confidently, is essential for any entrepreneurs and any professionals determined to break down all boundaries and to take their place in the world.

You are an entrepreneur,
a professional,
a young woman
dreaming about making an impact
and achieving something big for yourself.

I can give you the tools
to develop the skills you need
to get where you want
faster and without the stress, the fuss or the overwhelming.

Learn with me

Fast Learning School’s training offer specialises in learning strategies, English for foreigners and public speaking in English for foreigners.

Learn with me and with my team of mother tongue teachers:

  • English for foreigners
  • Public speaking in English for foreigners
  • Speed reading
  • Memory techniques
  • Creative thinking

Dr Georgi Lozanov, father of Suggestopedia, taught me Suggestopedia’s first principle is Love. This is what I understand by Love in teaching and in running a school:

Always love your students,
always take care of them
and serve them with what you can do best.

When I founded Fast Learning School I wanted to honour Lozanov’s teachings and to serve all the amazing wonder-women who want to achieve something big and special for themselves, for their life, for their career or, why not, for the world.

“I am not afraid of storms for I am learning to sail my ship.” – Louisa May Alcott

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