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The dark horse in an English speaking course

Imagine you are back home from London, where you went for attending an English speaking course supposed to help you to improve your English skills and fluency in speaking English. You have been studying English since a long time, but still found pretty difficult to speak up a conversation. People at home (your friends, mates, colleagues, etc.) are always thinking you are not that good at speaking English. And you know what? You agreed! Now, imagine how would it be if you could surprise them all showing off your English skills as a… dark horse? Have you ever heard that expression before? Let’s find out what it means.

To be a dark horse

A dark horse is someone with a secret, especially a secret ability, skill or achievement that surprises you when you discover it. This expression can also be used to describe someone who wins a race, competition, etc, that no one expected them to win. For instance: ‘I always thought Laurence was rather superficial, but yesterday I saw him reading a book of Renaissance poetry. He’s a bit of a dark horse, isn’t he?’

Did you like the expression? I hope you will start to use it in your everyday English to make your spoken English fresher and more spontaneous, closer to the English language spoken by native English speakers.

I am happy to share weekly tips about idioms, phrasal verbs and expressions that help you to improve and enrich your English 🙂 This is something you can learn from home. But if you feel like travelling and experiencing more, why don’t you join us in the next English summer courses in UK? We are going to learn tonnes of useful expressions and idioms, to review the grammar structures and put them into action through drama games and scenarios.

The idiom ‘to be a dark horse’ has been taken from the programme of the English summer courses in UK we did last year.

Did I tease your curiosity? Find out more about our English speaking course for learning English through Drama here:
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Learn English through Drama is the English speaking course designed for foreigners wishing to improve their English skills and become fluent and spontaneous in speaking English. Our students achieve that result thanks to the work on the vocabulary, the grammar and lots of drama exercises that enable the students to put what they have learnt into action. There is no point to learn new words and phrases if you don’t use them in your everyday conversations!

Catch up next week with another idiom that takes your English to the next level.

I wish you an amazing week.

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4th May 2021
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