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Why drama helps you to learn languages faster

You don’t need to be a drama queen to learn quickly and have fun, but drama does help.

When you watch a movie you can see the actor stepping into the roles he or she is playing, embodying every nuance of the character and their mannerisms so he or she can play the role with conviction.

We often don’t realise or recognise how powerful drama is in aiding the learning of something new.

Children are particularly good at mimicking and using drama when they learn, especially when they are playing with imaginary characters or with toys.

As adults the memory of how we learn new things becomes hazy and we tend to go with what we know.

For example, the first step we take as a child learning to walk is through mimicking the adults doing it, and then one day walking became a breeze.

That is why our ‘Learn English through Drama’ is a unique learning system as it infuses drama, this very powerful fast learning method into the way languages are taught here at Fast Learning School.

Throughout the years of teaching our students on how to play and converse fluently in either Italian or English drama has been a powerful instrument in making this transition quickly.

When using drama to learn something new, the learning stays with you much longer because it flows deeper into your body’s memory as all your senses are involved.

When we want to learn something new there are often blockages, which are called anti-suggestive barriers that may stop us from getting deeper and truly experiencing the joy of learning.

These barriers are mostly hidden from view. But they are there in our minds alright. For example:

  • The Logical critical barrier: this is when we think “that’s not possible to do, other may be able to do that, but not me”.
  • The Affective emotional barrier: This tends to be in terms of – “It makes me feel uneasy, bad or awkward”.
  • The Ethical barrier: For example, “I don’t think it’s fair. I really think that’s dishonest. Or it doesn’t respect my ethical values”.

These are the things we often say to ourselves when learning something new without realising the impact they have on the way we process information.

That’s why we always make sure our students dramatise the experience in learning so that any barrier becomes a thing of the past.

So now that you know these barriers exist you can open up to other learning opportunities and you’ll enjoy learning with fun and enthusiasm.

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4th May 2021
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