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Drama can boost your fluency and confidence in speaking English

“All the world is a stage”… but I’m playing the role of a tree!

“All the world is a stage…” said the Poet, but sometimes we feel like we are playing the role of a background actor or… a tree! All around us, people are making their voices heard. And what about us?

Everyday interactions such as striking up a conversation or taking part in one might not be a piece of cake when English is not your first language. Some people are scared of making mistakes, others don’t feel confident about speaking English because they feel clumsy and awkward. Why sometimes is it so difficult to speak fluently even though we know all the English grammar rules from A to Z?

Gaining confidence in speaking a foreign language is something you can’t learn in a training course or from a book.

Could there be a place where you can express yourself just like you do in real life, but without worrying about the way you speak or the mistakes you make. That place is theatre.

The magic of drama

Since our childhood, we have probably experienced drama as the ability to put together fantasy and reality. Put your hand up if, as a child, you never played the role of a princess, a king, a hero or a fairy. An upturned chair becomes a sailing ship, a kitchen table becomes a tent. Creating imaginary situations and using dramatic play is a way children explore life.

The good news is that drama never stops helping us to explore life. Whether we want to work on our self-confidence, self-efficacy in public speaking or to learn a foreign language, drama is one of the best ways to achieve results. Why? Because playing enables us to overcome our rational and emotional barriers. Especially when we are supported by a facilitator and a group of like-minded people. We feel at ease and safe. Safe in the words we speak and the way we express ourselves.

This is the magic of drama and the reason why drama boosts the learning process. When drama meets the field of education, it can transform a traditional lesson into an exciting learning experience.

Have fun and boost your English skills

Many learning methods were born from drama. The most important of them is called Process Drama and is about learning foreign languages through theatre.

At the Fast Learning School we design and organise language courses based on Process Drama. Our participants learn English by acting, writing drama scripts and performing. They gain fluency and learn new words in a welcoming group lead by a professional teacher. The courses are 100% about learning English as a second language, but what is different in these classes is the way people achieve results: they play, improvise, act, sing and… yes, have lots of fun!

It’s exiting to know that you can easily learn how to gain confidence and fluency in speaking English or any other language.

Well, now it’s time to go on stage and act!

Feel free to contact us for information.

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4th May 2021
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