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If I were Peter Pan in an English speaking course

I am very happy to connect with you again and hope that you are still enjoying learning new English expressions. As promised, today I’m going to make you more familiar with Learn English Through Drama, the English speaking course based on drama that teaches you how to improve English speaking skills through drama and how to speak English in public.

“Lessons”? I am not sure if I am using the right word here. Of course, Fast Learning School is about teaching English language, but if you think that you are just sitting in the classroom and listening to a boring teacher, then you are mistaken.

Fast Learning School is about the most fascinating, inspiring journey that a student can even go on. As you might know, during the course we learn many useful idioms and phrasal verbs. Well… I guess, that might sound boring for most of the students learning English. However, Fast Learning School offers a very unique and enjoyable way of learning English, thanks to drama and suggestopedia.

Learn English through Drama is a proper structured English speaking course based on drama. You learn English through drama and also through friendly, positive energy which is created all the time by the teacher. Our teacher is not only a great actor and entertainer, but also a warm and open-minded person who really understands students and their needs.

Studying in such a great and friendly environment makes people feel motivated, confident and aware of their natural talents.

I am writing this, not only to the adult students, but also to the parents of teenagers who are not sure if their kids would be in the right place. The answer is: Yes! They will be!! The world changes, but English is (and will be) the most important spoken language that each of us has to know. Even, if you are not sure that you would enjoy acting, just come along, break your routine and try something new!

Learning English through drama is a very effective system that students adapt to easily. What does that mean in practice?

On the first day of the English speaking course based on drama, you choose the character that you will work with during two weeks. When you enter the classroom, you can see many portraits with brief descriptions hanging on the wall. These are our characters.

After the first part of the lesson, when the students and the teacher have got to know each other, you have about ten minutes to decide which character you like and which one you would like to work with.

Last year, we could choose between British literary characters, like Peter Pan, Mary Poppins, James Bond, Sherlock Holmes and many others. This year we had the opportunity to “make friends” with British artists: Peter Blake, Alfred Hitchcock, Tracey Emin and many others.

After making a choice, the students start to work with their new characters. You do not have to be an actor to take part in the course! The only thing you have to do is use your imagination and answer the question: “What would you do, if you really were James Bond, Sherlock Holmes etc?”

In last year’s English speaking course based on drama I chose Peter Pan, because I have always liked him. After deciding to work with him, I started to ask myself: “What would I do, if I were Peter Pan?”

It’s not required to respond straight away, but, for me, the answer came very quickly. Using a challenging second conditional now, I am answering:

“If I were Peter Pan, I would play all the time.

If I were Peter Pan, I would never grow up.

If I were Peter Pan, my life would be full of adventure.”

This year, working with British artists as our characters, and with me in the dual role of teaching assistant and student, I was lucky to have the opportunity to join all three of the London based English summer courses in UK and thus work with three different characters. One of my choices was Tracey Emin, a popular British female artist. I really loved working on her and had so much fun at the same time!

At the beginning of my work with Tracey’s character and after reading the story about her, I asked myself the question: “What would I do, if I were her?

The answers again came straight away:

“If I were Tracey Emin, I would become a confident person.

“If I were Tracey Emin, I would never be afraid of expressing myself.

“If I were… an artist, I would follow my ideas and just create without thinking how many (or how few) people would enjoy and appreciate my work”.

These answers helped me to create my own interpretation for the character. During my work with Tracey, the character started to take life – not only on stage, but also inside me. I discovered a person, who is ready to get inspired and is able to express herself in many ways. I also discovered a person who is happy to share the results of her creative work with those people who enjoy and appreciate the true expression of the individual.

How about the characters next year? Who knows- maybe Daniela (the principal of Fast Learning School) would tell you this secret if you asked her(?) On the other hand, maybe it would be better not to ask, but just to wait and… be surprised 😉

Is it not exactly the same with the presents under the Christmas tree? What makes you more happy? To know what you are getting before you open it? Or to get something unexpected? Well, I would definitely choose the second option as I love surprises 😉

To finish, I would just like to say: come next year and see how enjoyable the lessons of our English speaking course can be. Let yourself be surprised by the new characters, new English expressions and the enjoyable atmosphere created by the friendly teacher and the students from all over the world.

Have fun!

30th July 2020
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