Suggestopedia is an innovative learning method that enables people to learn a foreign language up to 10x faster

There is a way to absorb the English language
and to get from complete beginner to intermediate level in a few hours,
without the stress, the overwhelm and the frustration,
in a smart, fast and bulletproof way.
THAT WAY is called Suggestopedia

Suggestopedia: learn languages in 72 hours without homework and by having fun

Did you know you can take your English from beginner level to intermediate level in only 72 hours, without homework and by having fun?

All the courses I and my English mother-tongue teachers offer
are based on Suggestopedia.

Suggestopedia is one of the very few methodologies recommended by UNESCO as a most innovative and effective learning and teaching method.

It enables people to learn languages up to 6 times faster through games, drama, music and by having fun. This means that you can take your English from beginner level to intermediate level in 72 hours, without the stress, the overwhelm and the confusion that often come together with learning a language.

SuggestopediaThis powerful pedagogy was born in Sofia (Bulgaria) as a method for learning languages faster. Suggestopedia’s father, Dr Georgi Lozanov (1926-2012), tested the methodology starting from the 50s. He tracked all the results achieved by his students and he was able to proof Suggestopedia enables people to learn at least 6 times faster compared to all other methodologies.

In suggestopedic lessons the students learn through games, music and playful activities. Furthermore, they don’t need to do homework.

In a suggestopedic foreign language course students learn a language in 72 hours. The teachers takes the students from complete beginner level to intermediate level in 72 hours, through games, music and drama and without homework. At the end of a suggestopedic course students have memorised about 2,000 words (lexical units) and they can actively and creatively put into use about 1,800 words.

Dr Lozanov fine-tuned the method throughout the years and tested Suggestopedia for teaching children to read and to write, too.

UNESCO logoThanks to the stunning results his research achieved, in 1973 UNESCO sent a commission of experts to Sofia in order to find out more about Lozanov’s revolutionary pedagogy and to supervise the suggestopedic courses. After a few weeks, the commission validated Suggestopedia’s achievements and it published a list of recommendations stating that Suggestopedia is a superior learning/teaching pedagogy.

Dr Lozanov dedicated all his life to the development of Suggestopedia until his death in 2012. Unfortunately, his remarkable work is not yet well known around the world due to the Sovietic ostracism that didn’t allow him to give his research the international appeal it deserved.

As a certified suggestopedic teacher, my duty is to carry on Lozanov’s work.

I can help you to:

  • To learn English from scratch and to take your English skills from beginner level (also complete beginner level) to intermediate level in 72 hours, without homework and by having fun.
  • To develop your English skills and to become finally fluent and confident in speaking English.
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