Learn a language in 72 hours, by having fun

Suggestopedia method is a most innovative pedagogy recommended by UNESCO.UNESCO logo

Thanks to Suggestopedia you can learn a language in 72 hours through games, music and drama, without homework and by having fun.



What is Suggestopedia?

Suggestopedia is one of the very few methodologies recommended by UNESCO as a most innovative and effective learning and teaching method.

Suggestopedia method is a most innovative pedagogy for teaching and learning any subject. It is mainly known, though, as a methodology for learning and teaching languages, both for adults and children.

Suggestopedia has been developed by Prof. Georgi Lozanov (1926-2012) since the ‘50s. In 1973 Suggestopedia had been recommended by UNESCO as a superior method for teaching and learning.

Prof. Lozanov dedicated all his life to the development of Suggestopedia until his death in 2012. Unfortunately, his remarcable work is not yet well known around the world due to the sovietic ostracism that didn’t allow him to give his research the international appeal it deserved.

From beginner to intermediate level in 72 hours.

What are Suggestopedia’s stunning results?

Suggestopedia enables people to learn languages up to 6 times faster through games, drama, music and by having fun. This means that you can take your language skills from beginner level to intermediate level in 72 hours, without the stress, the overwhelm and the confusion that often come together with learning a language.

The suggestopedic method enables adults and children to learn any language at least 5-6 times faster, up to 10 times faster. This means absolute beginner students reach an intermediate level after only 72 hours of lesson. They can speak and write spontaneously and creatively.

During a suggestopedic language course students memorise 2,000-2,500 words (lexical units) and are able to put around 1,800 words into use in a spontaneous and creative way.

Suggestopedia has been researched by Prof. Lozanov and his team of experts for years. They ran scientific tests in order to measure the results students achieved and to fine tune the method.


What sets Suggestopedia apart from all other methodologies?

Suggestopedia is a pedagogy and methodological framework. Suggestopedic teachers follow a specific structured lesson plan and run all activities in accordance with Prof. Lozanov’s guidelines. Suggestopedia uses games and drama in a very peculiar way and within a very specific and unique framework. Thanks to that framework, suggestopedic teachers can guarantee all students learn up to 10 times faster and are able to understand, speak and write after 72 hours of lesson. Students do initial and final tests in order to assess their skills at the beginning and at the end of a course. Compared to Suggestopedia method, none other methods can guarantee the same results in such a short time, at the moment.

How do students learn in suggestopedic classes?

In suggestopedic classes the students learn through games, music and playful activities. The use of art, aesthetic, drama, music and games contributes to creating a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere where students feel safe, at ease and free to express themselves.

Furthermore, the suggestopedic teachers hold a communicative approach that always encourages and supports the students at every moment of the acquisition process.

Students are involved in playful activities, games for learning vocabulary and grammar, music and drama. Also, students don’t need to do homework or to revise the lessons at home. The memorization and activation process takes place during the lessons and under the expert guidance of suggestopedic certified teachers.

Suggestopedia: the way to sustainable learning.

What are the benefits of learning a language through Suggestopedia?

When people can learn a foreign language in such a short timeframe, by having fun and in a spontaneous and stress-free way, just like when they were children and they learned their own mother tongue, that is amazing.

When you take part in courses based on Suggestopedia method, this is what you get:

  • You get from beginner level to intermediate level in 72 hours (without doing homework)
  • You absorb about 2,000-2,500 words and you become able to use about 1,800 of those words in speaking and writing
  • You enjoy learning the target language and your motivation gets a real, big boost
  • You build up your confidence in speaking and writing in the target language
  • You learn to love learning the target language, as well as learning about its culture.

Also, you learn to trust your brain and mind capacities to learn faster and better, without feeling overwhelmed or under pressure. This is the psychotherapeutic aspect of Suggestopedia method as “the way to hypermnesia in learning”. Hypermnesia is the scientific and correct term for “super learning”.

As a suggestopedic teacher, I personally like to use another term instead of “hypermnesia” (since that word might sound a bit too technical and therefore scary!). In fact, I like to define Suggestopedia as “the way to sustainable learning”.

What can I do FOR YOU?

As a certified suggestopedic teacher, my duty is to carry on Lozanov’s work.

When I created Fast Learning School my purpose was to offer as many people as possible the chance to learn a language and have the most transformational learning experience ever.


All my teachers’ training courses are deeply influenced by Suggestopedia, as it is my signature. LingoDrama Academy (for teaching languages through drama) is also based on the suggestopedic principles, so that any language teacher can benefit from precious insights and practical strategies coming from this powerful method recommended by UNESCO.

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  • For language teachers wishing to refresh and boost their English: I offer refresher English language courses for upper intermediate and advanced level. These are LingoDrama courses: LingoDrama is the training format based on drama and the suggestopedic principles. The goal is to help you to boost your fluency and confidence in speaking authentic English. My team of native English teachers is fully trained in LingoDrama. Find out more:

Use your brain, follow your heart.

(Swedish motto)

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