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Places to visit in London once the English speaking course is over

Good morning to all our international students and volunteers! Whether you are going to come over to London to attend our Learn English through Drama summer course in July and August or to do a volunteer work experience in London, here is the second tip on how to make the most of your time in London. Today you will discover secret places you won’t think are actually in London!

This is the second one of a series of posts about how to make the most of your stay in London after the English speaking course for learning English through drama or after volunteering in charity shops.

As a Londoner I was surprised when I found out the article I am sharing with you in this post. I personally visited all the places described on the guide and enjoyed myself discovering places I didn’t know – though I have been living in London for years! As the principal of a language summer school UK offering English summer courses in UK and volunteer work experience programmes, when I found out that article I thought ‘WOW! I have to tell my students!!!’ I am very happy to share with you this week’s tip…

This tip is about discovering 18 places you won’t believe are actually in London

Here are 18 incredible places that will surprise you. You can’t actually believe they are in London… but yes! they are! Parks, gardens, museums, palaces and even a cemetery will fascinate you. Read the guide!

Catch up next week with the next tip to enjoy London!

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31st December 2020
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