Italian conversation practice with Daniela

for upper-beginner level and intermediate level students.

What to expect from the Italian conversation classes:

► Solidify your Italian and become fluent

► Take part in authentic conversations with peer Italian learners

► Practise in a welcoming, relaxed, love-mistakes learning environment – shy people welcome!



► Every Saturday morning

► 9.15 AM – 10.15 AM (London time)


► 15 GBP per person

► 4 participants (max) per class

► 1-hour class

How to book

➊ Pick a Saturday and time-slot

➋ Complete your booking

➌ Get your Zoom link and enjoy your class!

☟ Book your place ☟

Key facts:

► Plenty of chances to speak and practise ☛ small group of practice (4 participants max)

► Become fluent in a conversation, solidify the grammar, broaden your vocabulary

► Facilitated by Daniela, suggestopedic Italian teacher

► Relaxed and welcoming practice group, shy people welcome!

► 1-hour class online (on Zoom)

► Suitable for Upper beginner and intermediate level learners

► Fee: 15 GBP per person (online booking only)

► Next dates & how to book: see calendar BELOW

Any questions, please get in touch ☟

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