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Suggestopedic Italian teacher

Something about me

 My magic numbers: 1 home address in Wales, 2 little girls, 4 languages, 4 cities in my heart (Venice, Milan, Prague, London), 100 interests.

 My favourite colour: I change my mind every week (now it’s emerald green!)

 I spend all my money on: theatre and circus shows, art, books, hand-made soaps (and, of course, shoes!)

 I love: yoga, aerial silks, dancing, hiking, indie rock music, growing my own veggies, zero-waste shops, shopping local and independent, vintage clothing.

 Forever on my to-do-list: learning to play the ukulele, climbing the Mont Blanc, visiting Mongolia.

 Me, in 3 short sentences: I come from Venice. I moved to the UK for love. I love my red hair!


I was 21 years old. On my diary I wrote I wanted to become an expert in language teaching and to run my own innovative learning centre.

Today, that’s what I do.


Who I am

I’m a certified suggestopedic language teacher for adult learners. I have a Bachelor Degree in Languages and Linguistics. I’m a qualified Italian as a foreign language teacher.

Since I was a university student I’ve been teaching languages. When I was 23 years old I started to work in the Learning & Development industry as a trainer and training designer. I trained hundreds of people, from teenagers to retirees. Training so many people, from so many different backgrounds, gave me the experience I needed to be able to help adults to learn better, in a more efficient, brain-friendly and enjoyable way.

I had the honour to get trained by Dr. Georgi Lozanov (father of Suggestopedia). Since 2014 I run Fast Learning School, suggestopedic learning centre. I train language teachers in innovative language teaching methods. Also, I teach Italian through Suggestopedia.

Shall we get to know each other? 

Join me in my online, Italian conversation classes  


“Learning Italian with Daniela is an amazing experience. Daniela is always supportive, patient and encouraging.” – Katia, teacher (Italian learner)


What is Suggestopedia?

Suggestopedia is a methodology recommended by UNESCO as a superior method for teaching and learning. Do you know when, as children, we learnt our own mother tongue(s) naturally, spontaneously, effortlessly, mainly by playing? Suggestopedia enables adult learners to learn a foreign language like we learnt our first language when we were children. Adults learn through art, drama, music and games. They learn while they are immersed in a stimulating learning environment, packed with compelling content and interesting insights.

Suggestopedia enables adults to learn a language at least 6 times faster, by enjoying themselves, without homework.

“There is consensus that suggestopedia is a generally superior teaching method for many subjects and for many types of students, compared with traditional methods.” – Excerpt of the recommendations made by the UNESCO experts (December 11th-17th, 1978)

Why I love teaching Italian

I love seeing my Italian students learning Italian, without feeling frustrated, while they enjoy themselves.

I love helping my Italian learners to stay motivated and engaged without effort, while they become more and more confident in speaking Italian.

I love researching Suggestopedia and making my contribution in the development of this unique learning and teaching methodology.

I love it when I receive messages from my students telling they feel free to express themselves, free from the fear of making mistakes, free to enjoy speaking Italian and communicating with Italian people.

That could be your story, too.

Are you ready?

“When I learn Italian with Daniela I feel free and relaxed, like a child: always open for absorbing more.​” – Sofia, full time mum (Italian learner)

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