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Who we are

The Suggestopedic Learning Centre 

Welcome to the London Suggestopedic Learning Centre.

The Fast Learning School is a learning centre based in London and provides you with the best training opportunities to improve your learning strategies.


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What is Suggestopedia?

Our didactic method is based on Suggestopedic principles.

 Suggestopedia is one of the few methodologies recommended by UNESCO as a most innovative and effective learning method.

It enables adults to learn up to 5-6 times faster through games and arts and it can be applied also to any discipline.


Discover what Suggestopedia is, how it works and why it is a most effective learning method!



We are a team of experienced and highly qualified teachers, trainers and coaches with a passion for learning strategies.


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Job and volunteer opportunities

Would you like to work in a lively and innovative team? 

We are growing and need trainers, teachers, coaches, communication and marketing specialists, ect. to involve in our team.

Great opportunities are waiting for you to work or volunteer with us! 


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