Fast Learning School

The school

Who we are


The Fast Learning School is a Suggestopedic Learning Centre based in London.

We are:

  • A network of teachers, trainers, coaches and researchers who help you to develop your learning strategies
  • A community of students, followers and fans who support us.

What we do


We provide you with the best training opportunities to improve your learning strategies.


With us you can:

  1. Learn foreign languages
  2. Learn to learn 2 times faster and better:
      • Double your reading speed and comprehension
      • Improve your memory skills
      • Improve your writing and public speaking skills.


We offer you:

  • group courses in London
  • blended courses (training + online coaching)
  • distance learning solutions: online training and  coaching, elearning resources
  • private lessons and programmes
  • one-to-one coaching programmes

How we work


Our training courses are based on Suggestopedia principles: you have fun and learn up to 5-6 times faster through playful and recreational activities.

Suggestopedia is one of the few methodologies recommended by UNESCO as a most innovative and effective learning method.


Our aim is to make you self-efficient and to produce a real change in your learning habits.

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