Fast Learning School

Teaching staff

We are a team of experienced and highly qualified teachers, trainers and coaches with a passion for learning strategies.



Founder of Fast Learning School

Hi, I’m the founder of the Fast Learning School.

I’m a corporate trainer and qualified coach with over 5 years experience in training to people of all ages: students, professionals, executives, entrepreneurs.

I co-developed a model about Speed Reading and effective learning and taught it at the SUPSI University School in Lugan (Switzerland).

I’m a certified suggestopedic teacher. I had the opportunity and the honor to study directly with Prof. Georgi Lozanov, the developer of Suggestopedia. Now I collaborate with his major assistant Vanina Bodurova, manager at The Prof. Dr. Georgi Lozanov and Prof. Dr. Evelina Gateva Foundation.

I’m an Italian native speaker and suggestopedic teacher of Italian for foreigners.


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