Beginner English Intensive Courses

Suggestopedic course in English for beginner level. Learn English in 72 hours through games, drama, music and without homework. Suggestopedia is a learning methodology recommended by UNESCO.

There are 2 courses available: level 1 and level 2. Level 1 is suitable for complete beginners, level 2 is suitable for upper beginners.

Each course lasts 36 hours over 2 weeks.

It is possible to attend both courses and to stay with us for 4 weeks, 72 hours in total (Summer School).

Courses available:

  1. Level #1, complete beginners, 36 hours in total, 2 weeks (650 GBP)
  2. Level #2, upper beginners, 36 hours in total, 2 weeks (650 GBP)
  3. Summer School, 72 hours in total, 4 weeks (1,300 GBP 1,100 GBP)

What’s included when you buy this service:

  • English course
  • Certified suggestopedic teacher
  • Small group: limited number of 12 students per group
  • All student’s materials
  • Customer support
  • 24/7 Emergency support
  • Certificate of attendance

For whom:

  • Adults 18+
  • Italian speakers only


  • Beginner and complete beginner level in English
  • Italian speakers (native Italian speakers and people who can speak Italian)

When: Next dates in 2021 TBC. Due to the COVID-19 emergency all training courses in London are suspended for now. Please get in touch with me for any questions about the next courses available.

Where: London (London Bridge)

Payment options:

  1. Pay in full.
  2. Pay a deposit (20% of the enrolment fee). The balance must be paid at least one week before the course starts.

Need to split the payment? We currently give the option to split the payment in two instalments. Please get in touch to receive more information and for arrangements.

2 for 1 discount: Only for two students who get enrolled together and pay their enrolment fees through a unique transaction. Please use the coupon 2FOR1 at checkout.

Need accommodation? Please complete your enrolment in the course and confirm your booking. Once we receive your booking, you will receive an email asking for your accommodation preferences. According to your preferences and needs, we will provide you with two options you can choose from. We can provide you with a suitable accommodation solution whether you are an adult or a teenager.

Terms & conditions:

  1. In case Fast Learning School cancels the training course(s) you will get a 100% refund of the sum you have already paid. We will get in contact with you as soon as possible and make sure you have received the notification.
  2. In case you decide to cancel your booking, please note:
    1. You will get a 100% refund of what you have already paid if you cancel your booking more than 30 days before the date the course starts. We will charge you only for an administrative fee of 50 GBP.
    2. We will keep the deposit (20% of the whole enrolment fee) if you paid and then need to cancel your booking between the 30th day before the course starts and three days before the course starts. Please, note: if you paid the whole enrolment fee and decide to cancel your booking within that term, we will keep the deposit and refund you for the remaining 80%. We will charge you only for an administrative fee of 50 GBP.
    3. You will not get any refund if you cancel your booking in the last three days before the course starts.
  3. For booking amending and cancellation we will keep into consideration the notifications we will receive via email only in weekdays and from 9 am to 5 pm GMT.
  4. For amendment and cancellation of accommodation solution, please refer to Terms and Conditions of the agency in charge of your booking. Fast Learning School will forward you Terms and Conditions of the agency in charge of your booking upon confirmation of the booking.

This course is currently unavailable.

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