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​Get out of the grey area of your Italian beginner/intermediate level

Become fluent and confident in Italian – without frustration!

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Speak fluent, authentic Italian with confidence

Learn Italian in weeks, not years

Reach the 'OMG-your-Italian-is-impressive!' level without effort (and headaches!)

Most Italian learners get stuck in the grey area of the beginner/intermediate level because…

They feel overwhelmed by the grammar and bombarded by new vocabulary
They lack in confidence when it comes to speaking Italian
They are alone, trying to learn through apps
They don’t have a plan for learning Italian
They chase free resources and too many youtubers
They procrastinate (and then they feel bad because of it), thinking they should do homework every day

You deserve a bombproof, well-organised and results-oriented roadmap to fluency.

And, guess what: it is frustration-proof, anti-overwhelming and busy-week-friendly!

Because learning Italian should be an enjoyable journey (rather than a frustrating side hustle!) that takes you to actually communicating in Italian with confidence and ease:

Hi, I’m Daniela

I have been spending my life learning languages, teaching Italian and researching language teaching.

I know what it means when you get poor results, despite of your huge efforts to learn a language. You end up feeling less and less confident, then your motivation wobbles, your interest drops and, eventually, you give up. I experienced that on myself in the past and I can see how that works on the Italian learners coming to me every day.

I have been training hundreds of adult learners who became fluent and confident in speaking Italian, they feel motivated and focused, they enjoy learning Italian and they are keen to learn more.

► I am a certified suggestopedic language teacher for adult learners. Suggestopedia is a methodology recommended by UNESCO as a superior teaching method for teaching and learning languages. With me, you are in good hands!  

Learning Italian with Daniela is an amazing experience. Daniela is always supportive, patient and encouraging.


teacher, Italian learner

When I learn Italian with Daniela I feel free and relaxed, like a child: always open for absorbing more.


full time mum, Italian learner

I like how Daniela takes us to another reality. I never get bored or tired. It is absolutely fun.


financial advisor, Italian learner

learn italian with daniela

Speak, write, read, listen, play, interact, ALL IN ONE PLACE, together WITH ME and a thriving COMMUNITY of likeminded Italian learners.

I can help you to get to speaking Italian fluently in weeks (not years!) through a solidly-planned, results-oriented programme that will help you to keep you focused and engaged in a gentle and dramatically fun way!

Yes, I’ll be constantly there for you. I’ll be walking you through the milestones of the programme, encouraging you to stay focused, helping you to overcome your pitfalls.

I’ll be walking you through a BITE-SIZED, WELL-ORGANISED, RESULTS-ORIENTED plan for you to become finally fluent and confident in Italian.

This is the ROADMAP you need to get your Italian unstuck from the beginner/intermediate level to fluent and confident in Italian:

► Science-based (only what research proved works best for adults learning a language)

► Brain-friendly (never feel overwhelmed ever again, bye-bye frustration!)

► Busy-week-friendly (practice and catch up when you want, I’ll help you to stay focused)

The membership programme gets you covered for all your needs if you are looking to becoming fluent and confident in speaking Italian.

Join my membership programme today, practise your Italian with me and become part of a thriving community of practice!

You don’t need to look further, everything you need is already waiting for you

How to become fluent and confident in Italian in 3 simple steps:

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Enjoy learning Italian

Get yourself engaged with bite-sized, compelling content, authentic conversations to practise your Italian, a variety of resources to solidify your skills. Rely on a solid framework and a results-oriented plan.

Become fluent and confident

See the results when you speak Italian. Enjoy that good vibe when people say: ‘OMG, your Italian is impressive!’

My promise to you

You won’t even realise you’re actually becoming fluent in Italian!


I’ll help you to stay focused in a gentle, encouraging way. I’ll be there to challenge you and push your boundaries when needed, as well as to remind you to take it easy and reconnect to your own pace.


Your interests are my content. I love offering compelling resources based on your passions and interests. That’s how genuine language acquisition happens! We’ll keep it informal and you-centred.


You’ll get bite-sized content to help you to progress one step at a time, as well as to catch up easily when you need to take a break.

10 minutes a day is all you need, I’ll do the rest for you.



Develop all your skills (speaking, writing, reading and listening) by benefiting from live classes, conversation opportunities, lessons, tons of engaging resources (no, not boring worksheets!).

I am really happy I managed to learn so many things!

Although before I took the course I could understand a few things, mostly thanks to my English and French, that was definitely not enough for me to get the overall meaning of a written text, let alone an oral speech.

By the end of the course I was able to understand quite well a lecture made by an Italian photographer and I can express myself in Italian to a certain degree.

I liked the whole learning experience with Daniela: the relaxed atmosphere, the pleasure and fun we had all the time, as well as how Daniela made us feel confident in speaking Italian.

I am very impressed by all the materials Daniela prepared (games and exercises, etc.). They are interesting, fun and very useful, as well.


language teacher, Italian learner

What you get in the membership:

Here’s what you get in the membership, 1-year programme ☟


    1. Step-by-step development plan designed for your skills level
    2. Bite-sized daily games and tips for building up your Italian skills in an organic and sustainable way
    3. Online Italian lessons for introducing new and helpful insights


    1. Weekly conversation classes for you to practise speaking with me in small groups
    2. Games, tiny tasks and challenges for practising writing
    3. Engaging activities to help you to improve your listening-comprehension skills as well as your reading-comprehension skills
    4. Compelling and inspiring Italian resources your brain will be craving for!
    5. Personalised feedback on everything you share in the community, for fixing mistakes and helping you to polish your Italian


    1. A thrilling community of like-minded Italian learners you’ll be connecting with
    2. A dedicated and safe learning environment, away from the distractions of the social media
    3. I’ll be always there and you’ll be interacting with me directly.


    1. This is an online community of practice, all lessons, classes, courses, events run online
    2. Need a break? You can catch up when you get back
    3. Access the community of practice from desktop or download the app and connect through your mobile


    1. Don’t worry if technology is not you cup of tea: the platform we’ll be using for running all the activities and sharing the content is extremely intuitive
    2. I’ll be there to help you to get familiar with the platform, anyway


Regular price for the membership will be 30 GBP/month or 330 GBP/year

Hey! Only for my Founding Members I’ve got a crafted-with-love offer 


What is a Founding Member?

► Founding Members are Italian learners who have been learning Italian with Daniela and receive Daniela’s weekly free training (newsletter)

Founding Members benefit from the entry level fee

Get all the Italian training offer future updates included in your founding membership

Secure your place now at the lowest price and get all future updates for free


WHEN can you start?

The membership programme will open the doors in a few weeks. Join in the waiting list to get notified as soon as the doors open and to secure your place.



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