Intermediate English Summer Courses in London

An intermediate English speaking course for teenagers who want to speak English fluently

Learn English through Drama

The English speaking course for teenagers who want to speak English fluently and spontaneously just like native English speakers. The all-in-one solution for parents who want only the best for their teenage sons and daughters.

Give your son the opportunity to experience an engaging, fun and most-effective English speaking course within a friendly and safe learning environment. Let you daughter unleash her potential and open up a world of opportunities for her educational and professional career.

I wonder which one of the stories below you feel closer to you.

Manuela is Enrique’s mother. Enrique has been learning English in school for years. He is a good student and he is pretty good at speaking English. Nevertheless, Enrique doesn’t feel completely confident when it comes to speaking English. Manuela knows he would need a gentle push in order to become finally fluent and to feel totally confident in speaking English. Enrique is a shy 16-year-old. She wonders how she can help him to gain in confidence without putting Enrique in a situation where he could feel uncomfortable and clumsy.

Adrien is Bea’s father. Adrien is extremely proud of Bea: she is a brilliant student, she has got a nice outgoing personality, she is an enthusiastic 17-year-old. Adrien wishes to find an English programme that can really light Bea’s interest on and give her new challenges. He is looking for an unconventional and original (just like Bea!) learning experience, though still structured and effective. He wants a very specific programme offered by a school he can trust.

Dorota is Luca’s mother. Luca is a wise and determined teenager. He struggles to learn English, though, because he is dyslexic. Dorota would like to give Luca the opportunity to consolidate his English skills, but she is not sure the ‘common’ programmes will actually match with Luca learning difficulty and personality.

Intermediate English Summer Courses in London for TeenagersDo any of the stories above sound familiar to you?

When those parents got in touch with me they all wanted:

  • To offer their sons/daughters a most-effective English programme that could really motivate to learning English, definitely boost their English skills and give them the tools they will need for building a successful educational and professional career.
  • To find a 360 programme that will keep a teenager busy all day with English classes and afternoon activities as well.
  • To get an all-in-one solution including English programme, accommodation and emergency support, delivered by a school they can trust and real people they can talk to any time.

Is that want you, too, are looking for? Yes?

Then welcome and nice to meet you! I’m Daniela, Learn English through Drama course creator and Fast Learning School founder. I created this English speaking course to help young people like your son/daughter to speak authentic and fluent English with confidence.

Here is how I can help you and what I can offer you:

A bulletproof English speaking course designed by an experienced and qualified suggestopedic teacher, coach and training designer (that’s me!) delivered by experienced and professional native English teachers, qualified both as ESL teachers and drama facilitators.

Have a taste of Learn English through Drama, watch this video:

Daniela Montagner
Daniela Montagner

I am a mother and when it comes to my daughters’ learning I am extremely demanding. I want only the best for them. That’s why I created a programme where I put all my experience as a teacher, training designer and customer service expert.

In Learn English through Drama I put exactly what parents look for their sons/daughters: an excellent, effective and engaging English programme, an interesting and unconventional offer of afternoon activities, an affordable and reliable offer of accommodation solutions, a friendly and close-to-you customer/emergency support service.

That is all parents need to get peace of mind.

“I absolutely enjoyed this course. Just two weeks gave me a lot of confidence to speak more and I’m no longer afraid of making any mistake. I learned a lot of new words and phrases that are helpful in every-day conversations. I loved this course!”

Why choose us

In Learn English through Drama your son/daughter will:

  • Make his/her English fresh and authentic
  • Boost his/her fluency by practising (practising, practising and keep on practising!) his/her public speaking skills in a safe and friendly environment

Furthermore, your son/daughter will:

  • Practise English with native English and local people by volunteering
  • Get an interesting offer of alternative things to do in his/her free time
  • Meet new friends from all around the world

Also, your son/daughter will get:

  • The best family home stay accommodation solutions for keeping on practising English at home
  • A friendly and reliable customer and emergency service, before and throughout the whole stay

What Learn English through Drama is not

Just to make it crystal clear, this is not:

  • NOT a language course where students are asked to sit all the time listening to the teacher’s lessons
  • NOT a course where students are asked to read plays (e.g. a Shakespeare play), analyse it and play it out
  • NOT a course for training actors or students in drama.

Ready to join us? Yes? Good, because I can’t wait to meet you!

Read on to find out more about the training offer 2021.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis all training courses are postponed until 2022. Please get in touch with me for any questions about the next courses available.

Next courses available

Have a look at the next dates available, choose your course and get on board!

Summer Courses 2022 - LingoDrama English

 LengthHours of lessonsDatesWhere
Course #12 weeks45 hours of lessonsSummer 2022, TBDLondon
Course #22 weeks45 hours of lessonsSummer 2022, TBDLondon
Summer School4 weeks90 hours of lessonsSummer 2022, TBDLondon

Intermediate English Summer Courses for TeenagersHours

Lessons are from Monday to Friday, from 9:30 h to 14:00 h.

Two 15-minute breaks are included.


The courses take place in London Bridge (central London).

For whom

  • Adult students aged 16+
  • University students
  • Adults


  • Intermediate level of English (B1, B2 level)
  • No acting experience required.

Learn English through Drama is a training format for improving the English skills. No acting experience is required. This is definitely not a programme for training actors.

Looking for something more than a course? I can offer you a complete experience.

Dive into the real life in London.
Practise English after the lessons with local native English people.
Get involved in a volunteer work experience.
Take the full-time programme!

Part-time or full-time programme?

Some students want to take the English course only in order to have plenty of time for visiting London in the afternoon.

Other students want to make the most of their stay in London and to practise English as much as possible every day after the lessons with local people.

Which programme is the best choice for you?

Part-time programmeLingoDrama English course onlyEnglish lessons are from 9:30 to 14:00 from Monday to Friday.
Free time in the afternoon.
Full-time programmeLingoDrama English course & Volunteer Work ExperienceEnglish lessons are from 9:30 to 14:00 from Monday to Friday.
Volunteering is from 15:00 to 17:30 from Monday to Friday.

What is the Volunteer Work Experience?
If you take the full-time programme, you will have the chance to volunteer in a charity shop every afternoon from Monday to Friday, once the English lessons are over. You will become part of the team of local people who volunteer in the assigned shop on a regular basis. You will help the shop manager in carrying out the daily tasks in the shop.

For you, volunteering will be the perfect chance to practise your English beyond the lessons with local people and native English speakers.

Pssst… The Volunteer Work Experience is suitable for ‘Alternance Ecole Travail’ and ‘Alternanza Scuola Lavoro’ as well!

L'Alternance Ecole Travail logo Alternanza Scuola Lavoro logo

You can find all the details about the full-time and the part-time programme in the prospectus. 

“I really enjoyed myself volunteering. I learned loads of things. The volunteers and the manager were very friendly.”


Need a suitable accommodation solution?

I can help. I can provide you with an excellent selection of family home stay accommodation solutions.

Find out more about the accommodation solutions available and the rates, receive your free prospectus in your mailbox now.

LingoDrama English courses - Prices

Course #12 WEEK course
45 HOURS of lessons
650 GBP per student
Course #22 WEEK course
45 HOURS of lessons
650 GBP per student
Summer School4 WEEK course
90 HOURS of lessons
1,300 GBP
1,200 GBP per student

How to get enrolled

  1. Book your place: click the button below and follow the checkout
  2. You will be able to book additional services on request (accommodation and airport transfer) once your booking has been received.

“Keep doing it! You make a fantastic work. It was a really good experience because sometimes I’m shy and drama helps me to forget about my fears and to improve my English at the same time.”

“Extraordinary teacher and method. Keep it like this! Thanks a million!”

How our students rated Learn English through Drama

Would you recommend this course to your friends?

Course feedback

“Thank you for your professionality in supporting my daughter.”

“Thank you: my daughter had a true life-changing experience. I couldn’t imagine how much she could change and grow in such a short period of time.”

“Without any doubt this is the best English course I have ever attended.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) Why should I choose a language training course based on drama rather than any other common English language course?

Games and drama help to create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere that really enables the students to learn faster and better. That is a matter of fact supported by research. Learn English through Drama is built upon the suggestopedic principles. Suggestopedia is a most-effective pedagogy recommended by Unesco. Unesco recommended Suggestopedia as a superior method for learning languages after observing and testing the actual results the students in suggestopedic courses had achieved.

2) Is the course for actors? Do I need an experience in acting, drama or theatrical improvisation?

We do not require any previous experience in acting, drama or theatrical improvisation. This is not a course for training actors. This is a proper English language course. A previous experience in acting or improvising might help, though it is not necessary.

3) How can I be sure my level of English is suitable for the training?

The level of English required is intermediate: B1 or B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). You can self-assess your skills by reading this chart. In addition to this, you will be asked to take our initial assessment test online once you confirm your signup.

4) I’m an introvert person. Is this course for me?

Absolutely YES. The teaching approach in Learn English through Drama courses is based upon the respect of everyone’s expression. The method aims at taking every student’s English skills to the next level, regardless their personality. Even the most shy and introvert of our students have always achieved the expected didactic results. My teaching team consists of qualified teachers able to walk every student through the lessons. We observed that introvert people benefit the most from working with drama and public speaking as during the training they finally have the chance to develop their confidence in speaking and to unleash their potential within a friendly and safe learning environment.

5) There are 2 courses available: do the two courses have the same didactic programme?

No. The two courses available have two different didactic programmes. In other words, the students will explore different topics (and therefore a different vocabulary) in the two courses. That’s the reason why we encourage the students who can take the 4-week Summer School, to choose the Summer School without any doubts.

6) What will I do during the lessons? What will I learn?

You will explore topics, absorb lots of new words, verbs and idioms, consolidate your knowledge of the grammar structures, polish your pronunciation, practise your public speaking skills in English. Our goal is to make your English authentic and fluent. In order to reach that goal, your teacher will propose you drama exercises and fun games to help you to boost your fluency and gain in confidence in speaking English. The games and the exercises are suitable for everybody and do not require any previous acting experience. Your teacher will walk you through the lessons from the most basic exercises to theatrical improvisation. You will practise your writing skills by writing dialogues and other types of texts. You will play out the texts you will write, rather than playing out plays by other authors. This course is not about reading and memorising authors’ plays and then playing them out.

7) Will I learn the grammar as well?

Yes, you will revise and consolidate the grammar structures… by having fun! In Learn English through Drama we help the students to revise the grammar structures they need to consolidate or to learn. We believe that fluency is about speaking and writing correctly. Your teacher will propose briefings and exercises on the grammar starting from the most frequent mistakes the students make during the lessons.

8) Will I practise my writing skills, as well?

Yes, a lot. We do not give the students authors’ plays to read, memorise and play out. Instead, we stimulate our students’ creativity and we want them to practise writing different types of texts (emails, letters, messages, articles, etc.) as well as to create the dialogues they will be playing out.

9) Is the course suitable for dyslexic students?

Yes, the course is suitable for dyslexic students. We have a proven track of results and feedback from ex-students who are dyslexic: they enjoyed the course and fully achieved the expected results. The course is not specifically designed for dyslexic people. Nevertheless, the methodology based on the suggestopedic principles helps dyslexic students to perfectly blend with non-dyslexic students within the same group as well as to achieve the expected results in line with non-dyslexic students.

10) What is the minimum age required for joining the course?

The minimum age required for joining the course is 16 years old. We are open to keep into consideration 15-year-old students depending on their entry level of English, which must match with the requirements.

11) What is the average age of the students attending the course?

The average age of the students attending the course is 25. Because of the methodology, we need mix students aged 16+ together with students aged 18+. The number of teenagers in each group is usually 4 to 6 out of 12 participants in each group. That said, the course is very popular among the teenagers (who love it!) and therefore very often we have more than 6 teenagers in a group.

12) Is there a maximum number of students in each group?

Yes, the maximum number of students in each group is 12. We close the course to 12 students in order to personalise the training for each student as much as possible and to deliver the best learning experience to each student, as well. The course can be challenging sometimes for some students. For that reason, we need to keep the group relatively small in order for the teacher to be able to work individually with each student, to take care of everyone in the group and ultimately to make sure everybody achieves the expected results.

13) How long is the course?

Learn English through Drama is an intensive language course that lasts 2 weeks (10 days). Students will do 45 hours of lesson in total. There are 2 courses available every summer. If you decide to take both courses, that is what we call ‘Summer School’: it lasts 4 weeks (20 days), 90 hours of lessons in total.

14) Will I get a certificate at the end of the course?

Yes, you will get a certificate of attendance at the end of the course.

15) What is the difference between part-time and full-time programme?

If you take the part-time programme you will be doing the English lessons in the morning from 9:30 h to 14:00 h, afterwards the afternoons will be free for you to visit London. If you choose the full-time programme you will be doing the English lessons in the morning from 9:30 h to 14:00 h, afterwards you will be going to the assigned charity shop for volunteering until the shop closing time (around 17:30 h).

16) What does the volunteering in a charity shop consist of? And what is a charity shop?

A charity shop is a retail establishment run by a charitable organisation to raise money. Charity shops sell mainly second hand goods such as clothing and books donated by local people. The income from the sales is used to fund the organisation’s stated charitable purpose. The majority of people working in charity shops are volunteers. You will support the shop manager in every aspect of the shop. Some of your key responsibilities will be: providing good customer service, receiving donations, sorting and preparing stock to sell, visual merchandising, maintaining shop floor standards, keeping the shop clean and tidy.

17) Can you provide me with a suitable accommodation solution?

Yes, to under 18-year-olds I can propose family home stay accommodation solutions. My school works in partnership with a network of trusted home stay accommodation agencies specialised in the provision of high quality family home stay solutions. This means that my school is able to: 1) To give the students and their families the peace of mind and the quality they deserve; 2) To promptly find a replacement solution in case this is necessary.

18) Can you provide me with other services, for instance the airport transfer?

Yes, I can offer airport transfer solutions. Please request the prospectus to find out all the details about the airport transfer solutions.

19) What is the emergency service?

The emergency service will be your safety net during your stay in London. Anything can happen during your stay: getting ill, getting lost in London, losing your ID or passport, for instance. Thanks to the emergency service you can phone me any time 24/7 and get support.

20) When can I book my flights/tickets?

Once you have signed up in the course (meaning: you booked your place in the course/s), you can proceed with booking your flights or tickets.

21) How can I sign up in the course?

Click the button ‘Book Now’ below and complete the checkout. There you will find our Terms and Conditions explained.

22) What happens if I need to cancel my signup?

If for any reason you can no longer join us and you need to cancel your signup, you will get a 100% refund if you cancel your booking more than 30 days before the date the course starts. If you cancel later, we will refund you the 80% of the enrolment fee. You will not get any refund if you cancel your booking in the last three days before the course starts. Please read our Terms and Conditions when you checkout.

23) Do you offer refunds?

Yes. The refund policy depends on when you notify us about the cancellation. If for any reason you can no longer join us and you need to cancel your signup, you will get a 100% refund if you cancel your booking more than 30 days before the date the course starts. If you cancel later, we will refund you the 80% of the enrolment fee. You will not get any refund if you cancel your booking in the last three days before the course starts. Please read our Terms and Conditions when you checkout.

24) Do you offer special discounts to students enrolling together?

Yes, I offer the 5% of discount to students enrolling together. Please see Terms and Conditions to verify if you qualify for the discount. Click the button ‘Book Now’ below and complete the checkout. There you will find our Terms and Conditions explained.

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