Intermediate English Mini-Stay in London for Groups

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Breakthrough English language courses and Public Speaking in English courses for companies, CLIL teachers and school groups.

For your group of delegates, teachers, young students

A powerful, engaging and genuinely innovative English language training experience.

Intermediate English Mini-Stay in London for Groups​Companies. CLIL Teachers. Schools and young students. Finding the perfect match between an English speaking course and the specific needs of your group of people can be tricky because most of the programmes you can find out there are actually standardised or very similar one to the others.

I know you are in charge of the training opportunities for your people. Choosing the right programme can be difficult, time demanding and overwhelming. There are so many things to keep into consideration: the quality of the programmes, the reliability of the school delivering them and, last but not least, the budget. Yes, I know: costs control matters.

You are searching for an English training course for your group of people, BUT…

  • The programmes you came across are good, but they haven’t got that sparkle and twist you are looking for
  • Your people have enough with standardised programmes that cover grammar and conversation

Your people need or want to experience something different.

You are determined to give them a solution that will make them say: “Wow, the training you arranged for us was great, thank you!”

If that is the kind of feedback you would like to hear from your people, then you are in the right place now.

I can offer the best solution for your people to make the most of a 1-week intensive course in London… without breaking the bank.

Learn English through Drama training programme for groups is a bulletproof English speaking course designed for helping your people to speak fluent and authentic English.

This deluxe training programme has got everything that it takes to delight your people:

  • A results-proved, fun and engaging training format
  • Team working
  • An interesting and alternative selection of activities, tours and visits for entertaining your people in their free time.
Daniela Montagner
Daniela Montagner

I’m Daniela and I help professionals to boost their English skills through innovative methods that make people achieve stunning results quicker and by having fun.

I have designed and delivered training programmes in Public Speaking, Negotiation, Customer Service as well as Teachers Training programmes for dozens of companies, associations, charities and schools. When it comes to training for professionals, I know exactly how to serve my clients and make them super happy with their training experience.

“A great occasion to live in London in a very special way: language and culture. Thank you.”

Here is what your people will benefit from:

  1. Intermediate English Mini-Stay in London for GroupsEnglish speaking courses designed to meet your people’s specific needs
  2. Native English teachers qualified in teaching English as a second language
  3. A genuinely innovative training format that puts together English language training and experiential training for boosting the teamworking
  4. A unique range of activities to keep your people entertained after the lessons
  5. Support, support and support! We will take good care of your people on your behalf.

Drama is the mean we use for making the training experience engaging, fun and 3x effective.

No acting experience required.

Suitable for all levels upon language skills assessment.

The training offer for groups in a nutshell:

  • Learn English through Drama 1-week intensive course, 15 hours or 20 hours over 5 or 6 days
  • Initial assessment and group’s needs analysis – we need it in order to adapt the programme according to your people’s needs
  • A variety of activities, tours, visits and workshops for entertaining your people in their free time after the lessons
  • Dedicated group assistant to assist the group during the whole stay
  • Where? In London
  • When? All year round, dates on demand

Additional services on request:

  • Accommodation solutions for adults 18+ and students -18
  • Airport transfer

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Wondering if this programme is suitable for your group?

Intermediate English Mini-Stay in London for GroupsFor companies

that need their people to become fluent and spontaneous in speaking English for delivering speeches, running international meetings, negotiating, dealing with international colleagues and customers.

Public speaking in English and teamwork experiential training tailored made for your delegates. Negotiation, public speaking, overcoming objections in English: what do your people need to feel confident in when they speak English? Let us know, we will design the best training for them.

For teachers and CLIL

determined to consolidate their English skills for teaching English as well as other subjects.

Refreshing courses in English for teachers and CLIL. Whether you teach English as a foreign language or you teach any other subject in English, we know exactly how to take your English to the next level for teaching in English.

For schools

looking for genuine innovative language training with a twist to offer to their students.

Your students (and their families, too) will simply love it!

“Learn English through Drama is a very particular course that enabled me to learn English in an unusual and uncommon way. It was great! I want to suggest it to everybody!!”

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“I liked this course very much, it was amazing! It gave me the opportunity to discover a lot about both London and myself!”

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“Really fun! Friendly environment and very good teacher!”

“Awesome, very engaging.”

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