Beginner English Intensive Courses

Take your English from beginner level to intermediate level in 72 hours

Beginner English Intensive Courses

Get from complete beginner to intermediate level in 72 hours, without stress, overwhelm and frustration, through a smart, fast and bulletproof method recommended by UNESCO.

Beginner English Intensive CoursesLet me guess. It’s been a long time since you wish to learn English for your personal and professional development. But you keep on postponing this important achievement.

I wonder if you are thinking:

  • I should learn English, but I don’t have time for attending courses
  • I would love to learn English, but a course for beginners lasts a long period of time and I can’t commit
  • I wish I could attend an English course, but I will have to learn at home, revise the lessons and do homework: I simply can’t make it!

Learning a language completely from scratch takes time, commitment and it can bring a lot of frustration.

That is what many people say.
That is also what you probably have learned to think about learning a language.

What if I told you that is NOT TRUE?

What if you could learn English in a few hours, through games, music and theatre, by relaxing and having fun?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could rely on a method for learning English that will enable you to learn at least 6 times faster, that is recommended by UNESCO, that shows proved results?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could learn English without having to revise the lessons or to do homework?

Well, THERE IS such a method.
And it is called Suggestopedia.

You know when people say ‘I wish I could learn English in no time, without effort and by having fun.’?

That is exactly what Suggestopedia does.
That is exactly what I can offer to you.

Suggestopedic English Courses

Learn English and get from beginner level to intermediate level in 72 hours without homework and by having fun.

Daniela Montagner
Daniela Montagner

Hi, I’m Daniela, certified suggestopedic language teacher. I had the luck and the honour to get trained in Suggestopedia by Dr Lozanov, Suggestopedia’s father. I have been teaching languages for over 10 years. I am a qualified language teacher, Learning & Development expert and the founder of Fast Learning School, suggestopedic learning centre in the UK.

Why should you choose a suggestopedic English course?

  • Learn English in a few hours: take your English from complete beginner level to intermediate level in 72 hours (that’s 6 times faster compared to all the other methods)
  • Have fun and relax while you learn: learn through games, music and theatre, without the stress or the overwhelm you might experience in other ‘speed learning’ methods
  • Proven results: research and tests show the superior efficacy of the suggestopedic courses. Suggestopedia is a method recommended by UNESCO.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis all training courses are postponed until 2022. Please get in touch with me for any questions about the next courses available.

Next courses available

Have a look at the next dates available and get on board!

Summer Courses 2021 - Suggestopedic English Courses

 LengthHours of lessonsDatesWhere
Level #12 weeks36 hours of lessonsTBCLondon
Level #22 weeks36 hours of lessonsTBCLondon
Summer School4 weeks72 hours of lessonsTBCLondon


Lessons are from Monday to Friday, from 9:30 h to 13:00 h.

3.5 hours of lesson per day.

One 30-minute break is included.


The courses take place in London Bridge (central London).

For whom

  • Adults 18+
  • Italian speakers

Since the English courses for beginner level require the use of two languages (English and the students’ mother tongue), at the moment I can only offer suggestopedic English courses for Italian speakers.


  • Complete beginner level of English
  • Beginner level of English (A1-A2 level)

We will assess the students’ level of English before the courses as well as at the end of the courses.

Suggestopedia is a learning method recommended by UNESCO.


Level #12 WEEK course
36 HOURS of lessons
650 GBP per student
Level #22 WEEK course
36 HOURS of lessons
650 GBP per student
Summer School4 WEEK course
72 HOURS of lessons
1,300 GBP per student
1,100 GBP per student

Proven results

Beginner English Intensive CoursesSuggestopedia is one of the very few methodologies recommended by UNESCO as a most innovative and effective learning and teaching method.

It enables adults to learn any language up to 6 times faster through games, drama, music and by having fun – and without homework.

A suggestopedic language course takes your English from beginner level to intermediate level in 72 hours, without the stress, the overwhelm and the confusion that often come together with learning a language.

At the end of a suggestopedic course students have memorised about 2,000 words (lexical units) and they can actively and creatively put into use about 1,800 words.

Course information available in Italian!

We have a dedicated page for the suggestopedic English courses for Italian speakers to find out all the information on the courses, the programmes, dates and prices in Italian.

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