Top easy-to-implement strategies for getting

your students to speak and engaged

in your language lessons


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I know you might…

  • Feel frustrated because every day you try your best to get your students to speak and engaged, but instead you get… crickets

  • Think you are failing your students every time they don’t achieve the expected results

  • Feel like you haven’t got what it takes because you get objections on your method and you see students insisting with grammar-based approaches, rather than going with the communication flow

All language teachers have been there.

And do you know why?

Because teaching languages is a thrilling, BUT tough job, only for COMPETENT teachers who are able to:

  • transfer knowledge

  • motivate and engage

  • promote meaningful learning

If you made it to this page,

this tells me

you are among those competent, tough teachers

constantly looking for answers,

looking to grow.

Think about your next lessons.

How would it be if you could…

Intermediate English Summer Courses for Teenagers

Get your students to speak

Beginner English Intensive Courses

Keep your students engaged

Intermediate English Summer Courses in London

Take your students to results

Is that what you want for yourself as a language teacher?


Then here is your FREE guide on how to get you students to speak and engaged starting from your very next lesson.

I’m Daniela, LingoDrama Academy creator, suggestopedic language teacher and Learning & Development expert.

I created the free guide ‘Top 5 easy-to-implement strategies for getting your students to speak and engaged in your language lessons’ by putting together the top 5 strategies I have been teaching for years when language teachers ask me for ‘the magic formula’ for getting their students motivated and engaged, ready for speaking.

If you are looking for easy-to-implement strategies you can test out in your next lessons, you will LOVE this free guide!

Enjoy it!

Why are those 5 strategies so effective?

  • Because they are simple to get implemented, meaning they do not require a huge preparation
  • Because they give a fresh, practical twist to communication-based approaches
  • Because they re-set up the relationship between you and your students on different basis.​

What you get inside the FREE guide:

  • The top 5 strategies for boosting your students’ engagement and for getting them to speak explained
  • Examples for helping you to figure out how to implement each strategy
  • Suggested practical tips and tactics for helping you to put each strategy into use straightaway
  • Practical tips for helping you to take the first steps in a gentle and doable way and to avoid frustration! Free follow-up tips and coaching? Yes, please!

DO NOT get the free guide if you:

  • If you are happy with grammar-based approaches, whilst other approaches are actually a waste of time
  • If you think what your students really want is the grammar only and you don’t mind if they are not able to speak up a conversation
  • If you believe it is impossible to re-set the dynamics within your groups for getting them engaged

Whom the free guide is FOR:

  • Established independent language teachers and independent language school owners who want to boost the efficacy of their language training courses
  • Language teaching passionate people who wish to start a career in language teaching who want to start with the right foot and see the practical side of what they learned in teachers’ training courses
  • Any language teachers who wish to see their students speaking and actively taking part in the lessons.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Lao Tzu

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